Male Eyebrows Microblading

Everything You Need to Know About Male Eyebrow Microblading

Grooming is integral to self-care, and people, including men who neglect self-care, have an awkward aesthetical appearance and low self-confidence. Grooming involves getting a haircut, pedicure, or care for the skin using moisturizers, scrubbers, lotions, and creams and wearing decent clothes.

Many men think that grooming and skincare are a women’s monopoly. However, this is a misconception. Men can also groom themselves by regularly visiting a barber to get a haircut and an aesthetician to improve their skin and facial features, such as eyebrows.

If you are a man who wants to get natural-looking, fuller, beautiful, and long-lasting eyebrows, you can undergo microblading, an effective, reliable, and safe cosmetic procedure. Today’s article will discuss microblading, its benefits, preparation, procedure, aftercare, and other essential details. Read on!

What is Male Eyebrow Microblading?

Microblading has gained much popularity in recent years, allowing men and women to achieve beautiful eyebrows and improve their facial looks. It is a semi-permanent treatment requiring a professional aesthetician to use a handheld micro-needling device that scraps your skin and applies the color onto the dermis.

Microblading is an effective cosmetic tattooing procedure for men to improve their eyebrows’ shape, size, and fullness. Choosing a professional, experienced, and skilled aesthetician is critical to achieving the desired results and reducing the risk of short-term and long-term side effects.

Microblading, when performed by an experienced aesthetician, produces a blurring effect on the eyebrows. So, you and others won’t differentiate between natural and artificial hairs. We recommend discussing your requirements with your aesthetician to get valuable information and make an informed decision before undergoing the procedure.

What are the Benefits of Male Eyebrow Microblading?

Microblading offers numerous benefits, but the most apparent advantage of this procedure for men is enhancing their facial features. Microblading creates a fuller, shapelier, and fluffier eyebrow look. Improved facial appearance boosts your self-confidence and makes you stand out from the crowd.

In addition, if you have missing tails or patchy or overplucked eyebrows, you can undergo microblading to achieve thicker brows. Let us now discuss the primary advantages of microblading for men.

100% Effective and Safe

Microblading is a 100% safe procedure for men. Like other cosmetic procedures, microblading has a very few side effects, but they are rare.

On the other hand, when you select a reputable company or service, such as “Aesthetics International,” you can achieve perfectly attractive eyebrows aligning with your face.

At the same time, an experienced aesthetician has extensive knowledge of microblading and applies safety protocols to mitigate the risk of side effects and complications. So this makes microblading an effective, painless, and safe eyebrow treatment option for men.

Beautiful and Fuller Brows

Eyebrows play a crucial role in improving a man’s facial features. It enhances your overall face’s aesthetics and highlights your masculinity. Remember, you can’t improve your self-confidence if you don’t have incredible eyebrows to match your strong jawlines, bold eyes, luscious lips, and other facial features.

You can achieve your goals by undergoing microblading to reshape your eyebrows, fill in the sparse areas, and add thickness, fullness, and fluffiness to the brows. Again, we suggest looking for a certified aesthetician with years of experience in male eyebrow microblading to help you achieve the desired results.

Long-Lasting Results

Unlike other cosmetic procedures that smudge and smear, eyebrows achieved through microblading last for a long time. So, you can take baths, swim in the pool, undergo sauna and spa treatments, etc., without worrying about your eyebrows.

The reason is that microblading retains the eyebrows’ fullness, shape, size, and fluffiness for a long time. However, you may need minor touchups depending on your skin type. We will discuss this later in the article.

How to Prepare for Male Eyebrow Microblading?

Although microblading is a simple procedure, preparing yourself for the treatment day is essential to reducing side effects and achieving optimal outcomes. We recommend consulting your aesthetician about the benefits and risks. The purpose is to create and maintain realistic expectations.

For instance, your aesthetician will recommend you avoid smoking and alcohol a day before the treatment day. In addition, we suggest sharing your health history, day-to-day activities, and current medication with your aesthetician.

Blood thinners, such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin, can negatively affect microblading. So, stop taking these medications for at least a week before the treatment day. Similarly, avoid Botox and neurotoxins for three weeks, treading and plucking for 3-5 days, and prescription retinoids for a week.

Your aesthetician will advise you not to use AHA and BHA creams or lotions for at least a week before the treatment. Chemical peels can take a massive toll on microblading results, so avoid them for at least 30 days.

What Happens During the Microblading Procedure?

In addition to discussing how you can prepare for microblading, you must clear your expectations about the procedure. The purpose is to ease your nerves and achieve peace of mind on the appointment day.

We recommend discussing your preferences, including the design, style, and color, with the aesthetician. Ask questions and get answers to gain enough information about what will happen during the session.

Remember, your aesthetician may use topical anesthetics to reduce discomfort, itching, and irritation during microblading. Because the handheld device has a dozen microneedles, you can expect light bleeding.

Moreover, the procedure takes 1-2 hours, including the 10 to 15 minutes pretreatment consultation with your aesthetician. The aesthetician will start the treatment by applying a topical anesthetic to your skin.

Next, the aesthetician will clean your eyebrows using alcohol and place a microblading scalpel or tip on the device’s handle. The next step is dipping the blade in pigment and placing the pigment in various directions.

Qualified aestheticians use high-quality saline to remove excess pigment.

Are There Any Side Effects of Male Eyebrow Microblading?

All cosmetic tattooing has short-term and long-term side effects. The good news is that microblading is much more effective and safer than its counterparts. Short-term side effects include mild bruising, slight bleeding, swelling, tenderness, and discomfort.

Men who take blood thinners are more vulnerable to experiencing bleeding and bruising during microblading. The problem may also occur after the procedure. However, following your aesthetician’s pretreatment instructions can reduce the risk of these side effects.

Men who choose inexperienced and unskilled aestheticians are more likely to experience infections. Therefore, choosing a professional service is critical to preventing post-treatment complications.

At Aesthetics International, our professional team uses cutting-edge devices with new and sterile needs. Our aesthetician will unwrap the needles before you and use new “personal protective equipment” to prevent contamination.

Aesthetic International maintains a clean and hygienic environment free of dirt, dust, debris, pollutants, and allergens. Our technicians are neat and clean and follow a professional approach to microblading.

How Long Does Male Eyebrow Microblading Take to Heal?

Microblading is a sophisticated procedure and requires a step-by-step rehabilitation period based on the aesthetician’s guidelines to heal your eyebrows efficiently and quickly without side effects.

So, it takes around two weeks to completely heal your eyebrows. Remember, your skin will remain sensitive during the rehabilitation period. Professional aestheticians recommend their clients avoid touching their eyebrows.

Otherwise, you may experience severe scabbing, itching, and irritation. Not touching your eyebrows can prevent the risk of infections.

The purpose is to heal microblading, ensure the pigment settles into place, and maintain the desired shape. If you notice more redness and tenderness, contact your aesthetician immediately.

Furthermore, avoid picking or scratching the area while your new eyebrow shape is healing to prevent germs, including bacteria and viruses, from trapping under the skin and causing infections.

How to Care for the Eyebrows After the Procedure?

How you care for your eyebrows after microblading determines the procedure’s effectiveness, reliability, and longevity. It is directly proportional to the speed of healing and the occurrence of side effects.

For instance, following the aesthetician’s guidelines after the treatment can reduce the risk of side effects, infections, and other complications. Experts recommend not touching the eyebrows for at least one day following the treatment.

In addition, avoid performing intense exercises for 48 hours to prevent unnecessary pressure on your eyebrows. However, you can take shorter walks from one room to another to increase blood flow to the treated area and speed up healing.

Avoid facial products, including exfoliants, scrubbers, moisturizers, creams, and lotions in your eyebrow area, for about two 5-7 days. Only use water to clean your face and gently pat to dry.

Similarly, swimming, steam rooms, saunas, face massages, and other spa-related treatments can take a massive toll on your new eyebrows. Therefore, avoid these activities for about two weeks.

Do not pluck or thread your brows for at least four weeks. Otherwise, the unnecessary pressure on the external layer or epidermis will cause discomfort, inflammation, swelling, and pain, slowing the healing process. Avoid facials, chemical treatments, and Botox for at least four to six weeks.

How Long Does Male Eyebrow Microblading Last?

Microblading is one of the most effective eyebrow treatments for men looking to improve their aesthetic appearance. Microblading is permanent but might need touch up or color boost in 2 – 5 years. The purpose of a touchup application is to prevent the pigment from fading. Thus, you will have the same fresher, fuller, fluffier, and well-groomed eyebrow appearance.

Microblading touchups are somewhat similar to hair root touchups. Make sure you schedule an appointment with your aesthetician for the color fill when you notice the pigment starts fading. Always follow your aesthetician recommendations for optimal and long-lasting results.

Most men ask: when should I get microblading touchups? Well, this depends on your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, the tissues will produce more sebum, preventing the pigment from adhering to the skin.

On the other hand, if you have normal or dry skin, you may not need frequent touchups. Men with oily or combination skin types will require more touchups from time to time to maintain the results.

How Much Does Male Eyebrow Microblading Cost?

Men undergo microblading to create more natural-looking, fuller, and more attractive eyebrows. The results last a lifetime if a professional aesthetician performs the procedure.

While most clinics in Manila, Philippines, claim to perform high-quality microblading at cheaper prices, we recommend not falling into the trap. Remember, this can negatively affect your eyebrows and deteriorate their cosmetic appearance. You may also experience long-term side effects.

Therefore, you must make an informed decision and choose an aesthetician with a good reputation, expertise, years of experience, and skills. The cost of microblading depends on various factors, such as:

  • The clinic’s location
  • Service quality
  • Aestheticians’ experience
  • Pretreatment consultation
  • Tools used during the procedure
  • The duration of treatment
  • Follow-up procedures

Research shows that professional aestheticians or eyebrow experts cost between Php 20,000 and Php 25,000 for microblading. However, this is an average price, meaning some companies/clinics may charge more than the average price.

You may find low-price options, but we suggest avoiding inexperienced and unskilled aestheticians to prevent complications. Lower price options might be available, but it is vital to avoid inexperienced technicians.

Final Words

Microblading is a cutting-edge procedure that changes eyebrows’ appearance and makes them look more defined, attractive, well-shaped, and thicker. Aesthetics International is a Manila-based company offering permanent makeup services, including eyebrow microblading and scalp pigmentation.

We have a team of qualified, licensed, experienced, and skilled professionals who follow evidence-based, effective, and safe microblading techniques to help our male clients achieve the desired results.

Our technicians and aestheticians perform microblading in a safe and hygienic environment and provide our male clients with pre-and post-treatment guidelines to reduce risks and streamline the outcomes. Contact us today for more information on male eyebrow microblading or schedule an initial consultation.

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