Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

Scalp micropigmentation procedure step by step

Dealing with hair loss can be a major challenge, especially as you get older. Thankfully, there are various ways to deal with such an issue, and that’s where scalp micropigmentation Philippines comes into play. Scalp micropigmentation has become a very common solution to hair loss, since it’s a very distinctive form of cosmetic tattooing.

With its help you will implement small pigment dots into your scalp’s skin. That will give the illusion of existing hair, but also offer density and thickness. It comes in handy if you have little to no hair, and it’s one of those solutions that can be great for any gender. Which is why we find scalp micropigmentation Philippines to be particularly useful for anyone that has hair loss problems. Here’s the entire process you need to go through in order to receive your scalp micropigmentation!


The first step of the scalp micropigmentation Philippines process is a consultation. It’s one of the most important parts of this entire process, since we will determine your needs and also narrow down the plan for your scalp micropigmentation procedure. Generally, we perform any consultation a day or a few days before the procedure. This allows us to understand what you want, and we will also ensure that your scalp is assessed properly.


During the assessment process, we will check your scalp and see if everything is suitable for the scalp micropigmentation Philippines procedure. The thing to keep in mind here is that any scalp damage or any skin issues might not allow you to get a scalp micropigmentation. We take every situation very seriously, so we will always let you know if there are any issues and whether we can help you or not.

According to the assessment, we will narrow down which is the right color and shape that works in your particular situation. We also do a patch test, just to ensure that there are no allergic reactions to the scalp micropigmentation procedure.

Design the hairline

During the first appointment, we will also focus on cleaning the scalp. Before designing the hairline, we want to ensure that the entire skin is free of any residues, dirt and so on. After all, the skin is broken during the scalp micropigmentation procedure. That means we will focus on cleaning everything and making sure that there are no risks of infection.

Once that is done, we will start the design process. The artist will start mapping out your hairline, according to the discussions you had during the consultation and assessment. You will be able to choose where you want to have the hairline, based on your own features.

The artist will create that first outline, and this is when you can let them know if you want to make any changes. An artist needs the outline before starting the scalp micropigmentation procedure. That’s why an adequate hairline design that you agree with is crucial during this entire process. It’s very much worth the effort, since it will make the scalp micropigmentation process a whole lot easier.


The scalp micropigmentation Philippines process starts with the artist mixing a specific pigment shade according to your needs. Generally, SMP is using a pigment with carbon and iron oxide base tone pigment, since it can help emulate any emerging follicles. What you can choose, however, is how dark you want the pigment to be.

Once the pigment is added in the machine similar to the tattoo gun, the artist will start implementing many different dots based on the layout chosen earlier. With that in mind, this procedure can take a bit of time, since the artist has to go through everything at least 2 – 3 times, if not more.

Unlike other procedures, scalp micropigmentation Philippines is almost not painful. However, you might feel some discomfort especially when the artist works on your temples. If there are any issues, you can always let the artist know and they will stop or be even more careful when it comes to applying the pigment.

Adding layers

Most of the time, a single layer is not enough for the scalp micropigmentation process to work properly. So you might end up needing more than a single layer. The artist will ask you if you want to stop or continue with the next layer. Since the procedure can take time, a break might be recommended. However, it all depends on your needs and the situation at hand.

Checking the work

Once the scalp micropigmentation Philippines process is complete, the artist will remove any residue from your skin. He will also take some photos that will be used as reference. This is when you will be able to check the work, see if you like it or if you need any adjustments. All you have to do is to let the artist know exactly what you want modified, and they will be more than happy to assist.

It’s very important to communicate with the artist and always tell them if you need any changes or if you want to make any specific adjustments. It might take a bit of time to finalize the process, and that’s why the artist will constantly ask for feedback. In doing so, you will have an excellent result and the experience will be very impressive every time.


Once the scalp micropigmentation Philippines process is finalized, it’s very important to think about aftercare. This is a procedure that will cause some open skin, so you need to be careful and avoid any possible infections. That might not be easy to do, and that’s why the artist will let you know exactly what you need to focus on.

A great thing you can do is to not wash for 2-3 days, as it might end up ruining the entire process. Also, you are not allowed to swim for around 2 weeks. The same thing can be said about working out, you are not allowed to work out for 2-3 days, as sweat will damage your scalp micropigmentation.

When it comes to maintenance, all you have to do is to use sunscreen every time you expose your scalp to the sun. And yes, you also need to moisturize, as it’s extremely important to protect your scalp and also offer the moisture that it needs as much as possible. Ideally, you want to avoid sun exposure, and you also want to talk with the artist about any products they might approve.


The scalp micropigmentation Philippines process is not that complicated once you understand what it entails and what steps you need to go through. What you have to realize is that this requires some consultation and also after-care as well. In some cases, you might even need to go for 3 or more sessions. If you’re looking for the best scalp micropigmentation Philippines service, don’t hesitate and give Aesthetics International a try today. We are here to provide our clients with excellent scalp micropigmentation services that are efficient, dependable and very affordable. Book your free consultation today!

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