What's The Biggest Mistake in Scalp Micropigmentation

Whats the biggest mistake in scalp micropigmentation?

Do you know the biggest mistake you can do in scalp micropigmentation? Its requesting it to be dark and anywhere your scalp where its not needed. Number one rule in SMP is being natural and undetectable. The moment you requested it to become to dark, it will most likely to look more fake and tattoo like. 

Also in the long run will have bluish and greenish tone. Because to make it dark we need to implant it deep enough for dark effect. If its deep, that’s the time it will heal into blue and green color. Because a thick part of the skin will cover it making the carbon black looking like blue or green. Skin is translucent and the light reflect on it will cause bluish and greenish effect.

Scalp micropigmentation is a highly skilled technique. It takes years of experience and practice to do it. We need to be very conservative and light on the first session and just layer it again on the next coming session. Also once healed on the session we will just go back to any patchy area to fix and cover it up.

Always remember its hair follicle replication and hair follicles have spaces. Its not a solid color black of ink. The more saturated and solid it is, the more it will look fake and helmet looking. And in the long run might give you problems.

And the most important part is, removing it is the most hard part. Need 5 or more laser removal sessions and might cause you more expenses. In smp always remember, “less is more”.

Remember to only have smp with a certified smp technician. Ours in aesthetics international are international certified with 5 years of experience and practice. Only trust the experts!

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